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Appropriate Education & The Dream School (Kanasina Shaale)

The Dream School was built in 2005 to provide education to ex-child labourers, street children, out-of-school children and school dropouts as well as urban poor children from surrounding communities. The school caters mainly to children – both boys and girls – in the age group of 3 to 18 years. The school has adopted a non-formal education pattern under the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), combined with its own creative teaching methodologies and unique studying patterns, enabling better learning in a child-friendly environment.

Cyclic tests and preparatory examinations ensure that children are accustomed to a learning environment and following their final examinations under NIOS, they are enrolled in mainstream schools.

The Dream School program has 5 different components that address the educational needs of specific groups of children:

  • The National Child Labour Project (NCLP) funded by the Department of Labour, Government of Karnataka, for ex-child labourers between ages 10 and 14, who benefit from the non-formal education.
  • Coaching in Class VII and X syllabi (high school) for school dropouts and those unable to cope with regular classes. Students coming under this program enroll in government schools as private candidates and sit their Board exams.
  • Children of migrant families living in the surrounding areas are taught rudimentary skills of academics and eventually helped to re-join mainstream education in government schools.
  • A special education class for children in crisis who have been rescued through the child helpline.
  • A day-care centre equipped to handle nutritional and educational needs for young children in the age group of 3-6 years of working parents, who are primarily migrant construction or domestic workers or daily wage labourers.

Since its inception, the Dream School has provided non-formal education to more than 250 to 300 children annually.

The Dream School has also been making active efforts to raise event-based corporate sponsorships, and have succeeded to a large extent. Events that these companies have sponsored include medical camps, cultural and creative programs that enable children to bring out talents, exposure visits, celebration of special and important days and exhibitions for display of children’s hand-made crafts. These multi-national corporate ventures have not only sponsored such special events, but themselves volunteered time with the children through various activities including teaching song and dance, drawing and colouring, conversational skills, career guidance, counselling, craftwork, art of letter writing, gardening, visual education on social sciences, cultural programs and sports events.