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Project Nammane In

Nammane (Our Home)

What began in 1991 as a small, residential night shelter for street and working children has transformed today into a gracious, two-storey multi-utility building which houses residential and learning quarters for children rescued from distress situations such as child labour, street children, child victims of domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse, abandoned or runaway children and children rescued from distress or conflict situations as well as children needing care and protection. Nammane is registered as a Shelter Home under the Juvenile Justice Act of the Women and Child Department, Government of Karnataka. On average, 350 children use the facilities at the Nammane Shelter annually.

Children come to Nammane from workplaces, the streets or slums – backgrounds which are, at the very least, not conducive to their development, or at worst, places where they can be abused or drawn into alcohol and drugs, crime and other undesirable personal and social situations.

Along with residential care, Nammane provides nutritional, medical and counselling support as well as protection for the children in its care, enabling them to retrieve their childhood. The project has a two-fold approach:

  • Long-term rehabilitation, involving education and vocational training support at APSA’s Kaushalya Skill Training Centre for street, urban slum and working children rescued by APSA or referred by other NGOs. This period can extend from 1 to 3 years.
  • Crisis intervention, a 24-hour support service providing immediate nutritional, residential, counseling, medical and legal care to children rescued through the Child Helpline.

Nammane’s activities include:

  • Preparation of care plans with the participation of children for those from the 7th, 10th and NCLP classes as well as children on short stay (referred by other NGOs)
  • Para-professional and professional counseling to children rescued from distress or conflict situations
  • Home visits to assess family background and socio-economic situation
  • Regular health check-ups for all children by a certified medical doctor to monitor children’s health and referral of children with major illnesses to government hospitals for further treatment
  • Referral of children to other shelters for care and protection
  • Awareness programs on child and gender rights, environment concerns, alcohol and substance abuse and community issues
  • Training programs on vocational education, health and hygiene, lifeskills and sexual health education, leadership and skill-building, personality development, animation, script writing and basic photography

Till date, Nammane has helped more than 15,000 children in various distress situations.

Nammane also coordinates with government departments during rescue of children from distress situations. These include the Child Helpline, Government Observation Homes for Girls and Boys and the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of various states to coordinate rescue and repatriation.


The APSA Rainbow Home at Hyderabad was founded in the year 2008 with objectives similar to those of Nammane – to provide safe shelter and educational support to destitute girl children in Hyderabad city. The first office at Padma Rao Nagar housed 8 young girl children. Due to the rising numbers of disadvantaged children seeking shelter and protection and thanks to the financial support extended by number of philanthropists and organizations, the Rainbow Home was shifted to its larger, present location at Chudi Bazaar to accommodate the growing numbers of children in need of care and protection.

In 2009, the Rainbow Foundation adopted the Home and has continued financial support to the Home till date. Today, the Rainbow Home houses 106 young girls who benefit from its various activities.

APSA Hyderabad initiated a similar project for boys which was funded by the Department of Education for a 3-year period, i.e., from 2010-13. This shelter has helped over 100 young boys become empowered and aware of their rights and entitlements through inputs and training.

Activities at the Rainbow Home include:

  • Formation of children into various ‘Committees’ with designated roles and responsibilities for overseeing health, food and water, cleanliness of campus, assistance to staff in maintaining registers and materials, organizing games and other cultural events and assisting weaker children or slow learners in their studies
  • Regular health check-up for children through tie-ups with local government hospitals with referrals in cases of major illnesses and regular health monitoring by a trained health worker associated with the Home
  • Educational program package that includes basic language foundation in Englis and Telugu (local language), language and grammar, simple mathematics and lifeskills education. The Rainbow Home also utilizes BodhaGuru (an online portal offering innovative learning products and platforms), to make classes in science and social sciences interesting and interactive. Remedial classes are also held in the evenings for slow learners and children requiring help with academics
  • Opportunities for children to learn and participate in theatre, games and cultural events and celebration of important days and festivals
  • Awareness training for children on child rights and child protection, fundamental rights, civic awareness, inputs on vocational education, leadership and communication and conflict management.